Best Biceps Exercises For Building Muscles

Through the years many studies have attempted to discover the most effective exercises for the biceps. It shouldn’t be a surprise! You are aware that the first step you’d take if you had the opportunity to use an EMG machine is connecting it to your firearms. Be honest.

What’s the winner? Based on the EMG of the biceps only, it’s generally the curl that concentrates, which was an essential part of the training regimens of the golden age of lifters such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. However, here’s the problem we’ve never met any bodybuilder who was in agreement with the findings.

Why is that? First of all, the most experienced lifters understand that while muscle activation is crucial however it’s not the sole factor that determines the best exercises to build muscle. Instead, we utilized various criteria to select the top 10 exercises, which included:

  • Easy learning and doing
  • Intensity and total stimulation of muscles
  • Popularity with bodybuilders and diehard lifters. (This is important!)
  • The availability of equipment in gyms for commercial use

There is no need to consider this to be a complete list. Use it as a starting point for a discussion, and then take a look at the three workouts below

Barbell Or EZ-Bar Curl

Barbell Or EZ-Bar Curl


The shoulder-width curl is the most common and engages both the long and short head of the biceps in a similar way You can change the grip widths to alter the focus (wide to focus on narrow for the small head narrow for the long head, narrow to target the lengthy head) You can seriously increase the weight and not have to spend hours working on one arm at one time.

What more motivations do you require? If you’re just going to perform one biceps move choose this one.

Are you thinking of using straight bars instead of a cambered EZ bar? Do it, if your wrists won’t be a problem. A research study from 2018 found that both variations produced more activity than dumbbell curls “The small difference between [barbell] and EZ variants… chooses between these two exercises a matter of subjective comfort.”

Barbell Curl Variations for Biceps Growth:

  • Standing EZ-bar curl (standard, close grip, wide grip)
  • Barbell curls seated (emphasizing the top half of motion)
  • Standing Barbell curl (standard, close grip, wide grip)

When you work out: Hit your high-intensity curls towards starting your biceps work where you can really test yourself by using weight. For more of a strengthening challenge, pick the weight that you can handle in about 6-8 reps or even a standard strength-and-size rep range, such as 5×5. The most common mistake with biceps is a tendency to over-reach your body when performing this move. Make sure you’re focusing on it in the majority of cases especially when you’re lifting hard

Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Curl

What’s the difference between this and a traditional barbell curl? It’s entirely your decision. Yes, you can identically perform these exercises during the same workout however we do not recommend doing it. The main benefit of a curling dumbbell is that they can be done in various ways either sitting or standing, using both arms or switching with your wrists, forming Zottman curls to strengthen your terrifying arms, or The pinky is twisted up to concentrate on only the focus on the. In short, you’ve got the option of focusing on bis.

When you work out: If you’re doing the following cable or barbell curls, make sure to emphasize the difference by doing Zottmans or perform bilateral seated curls that fatigue and then lengthen your set with unilateral curly curls.

If you notice your reps becoming sloppy, really pound the negatives. It’s been proven that eccentric-focused reps produce higher amounts of force than concentric ones, even when tired.

Cable Curl

Cable Curl

This motion appears similar to the standing barbell curl at first sight. They’re bilateral movements where you use a shoulder-width grasp with your underhand on the bar. The difference is that, just like the rest of the top exercises to build muscle the angle of loading provides an ongoing tension to the muscle throughout all ranges of movement.

In essence, that means you’re not able to be able to rest on the bottom or at the highest point, and this results in an overall time spent under stress. In addition, depending on the gym you’re working in there could be various choices for body postures and handle options to keep you entertained.

When you work out: Because it’s similar to the curl of the barbell, you can choose which one you prefer. If you’re starting it early during your workout, you should make sure you’re using an intense weight for 6-10 reps each set. If you decide to work it out later in your workout, aim for 8-12 or more reps per set.



Have you ever done the max-rep chins? Then you’ll realize that your biceps work extremely hard when you perform this movement. A significant amount of elbow flexion characterizes the pull-ups (overhand grip) and chin-ups (underhand grip). However, studies have shown that chin-ups exercise the biceps a lot more.

Reps between 8-12 are too simple? Consider adding weight. Too hard? Utilize assistance. Do you feel uncomfortable with your elbows or wrists? Alternate between an even (palms with the palms facing in) and a cambered grip or use rings. Is your grip slipping? Use wristbands.

When you workout: If you’re training back with the biceps, this workout can serve as a bridge exercise between two parts of your body for 3- 4 sets that range from 8-12 repetitions. It could also be your main upper-back and biceps movement in a home workout if you do several sets until you fail such as in strength trainer Paul Carter’s program “Jacked at Home”: bodyweight Muscle Building Exercises

Chin-up Variations for Biceps Growth:

  • Machine-assisted chin-up
  • L-sit chin-up
  • Standard chin-up


In your journey to achieving the best biceps, consistency is key. Incorporate these exercises into your workout routine, progressively increase the weight, and ensure proper form. Remember to stay hydrated and provide your muscles with adequate rest for optimal growth. Say goodbye to skinny arms and hello to powerful, attention-grabbing biceps. Now, go hit the gym and start sculpting those dream arms!

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